Not Newlyweds


I go into a tuck, stretched out over my extension bars trying to keep myself secret from the wind. Then, it catches up to me and pushes me upright. I make the noise Homer Simpson makes and I think of what I said sitting on Bill and Louise’s porch drinking a pepsi. 58 miles and no gasbar, no country store, no nothing. Then I copped a Pepsi from Bill and Louise. I actually walked up to them because they were outside sitting on their porch and I needed water. Louise filled my water bottle and brought me a Pepsi. And we talked awhile until Louise noticed my bike.
“Why did you leave your bike way over there?” Louise asked.
My bike was leaning against a stop sign down the road a bit.
“We needed some space,” I said.
They laughed. But it’s true, we are not exactly newlyweds. The wind forces me to use the gearing I usually use for a gradual hill. I want to blame it on the bike. I’ve had two flats the last two days and only made 40 mile days. I want to blame it on the bike. I’ve got a squeak in the seat post. The hand grips are slipping. Our relationship is being tested. She’s steadfast and true. The only girl for me. But we could use a little space.



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